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Business Registration

Business registration process for prospective investors


  1. SBF Investment Application Form

  2. Documentary Requirements

    1. Letter of Intent

    2. Business Plan

      • Company Profile

      • Scope of Operation

      • Projected Financial Statements (Income Statement & Balance Sheet)

      • Risk and Safety Assessment Analysis Report

      • Brochures (optional)

      • Letter of References (optional)

    3. Document of Authorization stating Official Representative

    4. Business Registration

      • For Existing Parent Corporation: Certified True Copy of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate with Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

      • For New Corporation: SEC Name Reservation

      • For Sole Proprietor: DTI Registration

    5. Personal Information Sheet (PIS) of Incorporators with the following attachments:

      • For Filipino Citizens: photocopy of valid identification cards or passport

      • For Aliens:

        • Photocopy of valid passport

        • Curriculum vitae

        • Clearance from embassy of country of origin

    6. For Sublease Arrangements: Draft sublease agreement with technical plan and location plan, and letter of endorsement from sublessor

    7. For development projects only:

      • Proposed site development plan including perspective drawings, development timetable and development cost

      • Market study

      • Bank Certificate of Deposits or Certification of approved loan/credit line

    8. Permits and licenses required by law as necessary.

    9. Proof of Payment of Filing Fee (US$50.00)


  1. Proof of payment of registration fee Certificate of Registration (CR) - US $150.00; Certificate of Tax Exemption (CTE )- US $100.00; and Business Plate - US $20.00

  2. Signed Lease Agreement with proof of payment of Advance Rental and Security Deposit.

  3. Certified true copy of Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate with Articles of Incorporation & By-laws for newly registered corporations

  4. For CTE: Duly signed and notarized Certification of Conformity


  1. Submission of Environmental Permit/Clearance, Sanitary Permit, Building Permit, Occupancy Permit and other permits and clearances that may be required by law and other government agencies.

  2. Submission of performance bond for those with development projects within thirty (30) days.

  3. For Main Lessee with existing structure, the applicant shall submit the Insurance Policy with Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) stating SBMA as the beneficiary within thirty (30) days after issuance of signed and notarized Lease Agreement.

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